STIHL - NPS research using marketing automation

Distance from the consumer

Industries suffer from being distant from their consumers, especially when the marketing of their products is carried out through a third-party sales channel, which does not always share information about its buyers. In this scenario, creating a relationship program is a challenging task, given the low or no information that comes from the sales channels.
When STIHL hired Math, the expectation was to have a Net Promoted Score (NPS) model that would bring transparency and measurement of actual investment results, as well as insights into what possible ways to improve the NPS Score.

Theory of the Definitive Question

Developing a satisfaction survey process based on the NPS model requires a research process to be conducted directly with end consumers. With grades ranging from 0 to 10, created by Fred Reichheld (in the book the Definitive Question), this indicator removes channel subjectivity and creates a quantitative satisfaction scale.
As the question needs to be asked directly by the brand to the consumer, it made no sense to request the sales channel to perform the research . Therefore, we used a marketing communication orchestration (integrated email marketing and SMS)

Solution for retail independence

To perform the research we used Acoustic’s marketing Automation solution (formerly IBM Watson Campaign Automation) integrated with sales data sources to orchestrate all communication journeys with the customer.
As the goal was to create a direct relationship between brand and customer, all work needed to focus on ensuring the best possible experience so that the customer understands the purpose and value of the satisfaction survey.
The advantage of automating this process was to establish a shipment flow, having a greater reach of people impacted by the satisfaction survey in a shorter time than if a traditional method were used.
In this way, it was possible to collect feedback quickly, right after the customer’s interaction with the brand. Therefore, the timing of sending the research was extremely relevant. The architecture of Acoustic Campaign Automation allowed the integration of valuable information from an existing database with the analytical capabilities of the software Artificial Intelligence to obtain a fast and accurate results.

Want to know the results?

Want to know how we do it?

Today a monthly routine of accompanying the KPIs supporting NPS has been established. Divided into:
• Strategic KPIs based on the actual answers;
• Tactical actions;
• Operational performance of the research;
• DataBase Quality to ensure proper data collection at the sales channel;

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