Registration renewal using marketing automation

The Grupo SEB is one of the largest groups of private fundamental education in Brazil with more than 11 schools and thousands of students. Each school has its own set of rules regarding renewals, registrations, deadlines, discounts and extensions
AUntil August 2018, all communication were done manually by the communications team, which took many hours of work and caused several errors in the process.

Marketing and CRM automation solution

Grupo SEB SEB group already Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the centralizer of some business rules, processes and contact base.
Thanks to the Acoustic Campaign’s native integration with Microsoft Dynamics and its personalized relationship capacities, thinking about the nurturing flow of relationships with current students (or parents) as behavioral marketing communication programs was a natural process.

Personalized communications according to the student´s journey

The entire process of renewals needed to be thought of from two base objectives: Conversion and effectiveness. In other words, Increase the number of timely renewals whilst applying as little human effort as possible in communication management. So, these were the basic premises of this case:
· Create a registration renewal with five messages (reminder month, week, day, extension, last day) over five months
· Each email had to be personalized in terms of school, unit, progressive discounts, expiration dates, and visual identity of each brand
· Use of SMS for critical moments of the registration renewal
· If the student becomes eligible (e.g., compliant), he or she enters directly “in the middle” of the journey
· Business rules such as deadlines and discount values can be changed at any time without pausing the rule as required by the sales team.

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Short-term results

Full use of acoustic campaign’s personalized communication capabilities optimized the total cost of ownership of the software. The business rules were the starting point of the communication team to manage customization in real-time, without the need to use another tool in their day-to-day, maintaining the area’s processes and expanding its conversion capacity.

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