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marketing engineers. innovators analysts. mathematics creatives.

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Our team get their hands dirty and not just delivery Powerpoint. We are a consulting that get things done!

We work with squads and regardless of your company's digital maturity we are committed to delivering business benefits within up to 3 months of work.

We help your business leverage partners and technologies to deliver strategies based on a smart data use.

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São Paulo

1773 Santos Avenue, Jardim Paulista
São Paulo - SP
+55 11 3663.0388

Porto Alegre

2240 Cristóvão Colombo Av, 403 cj – Floresta Porto Alegre – RS +55 51 3302.0900



UPTEC - 455/461 Alfredo Allen Street - 4200-135 Porto/Portugal +351.936.318.883

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Want to be part of a team of geeks, creatives, innovators, and analytics? Do you think challenging old ways is the best way?

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