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Our goal is to provide a path for companies to improve their Digital IQs, their marketing performance and, most importantly, their business results.

Math Marketing is all about using data science and automation to help Brands build better relationships with their clients, prospects, employees. We are #DATAaddicted. That means that everything we do should be measurable, comparable, quantified and based on data.  And we try very hard to do that everyday, with everything we do.

That Is the ethos behind our Digital IQ methodology. We created the Digital IQ to be able to compare and grade, in six different axis, the levels of digital marketing maturity of brands. We created this tools to provide a independent diagnostic for our clients - How your capabilities compare to those of competitors.

To do that we needed something that was:

1 - Automated - It needed to be performed without human intervention

2 - Objective - It had to be based on quantifiable data, not on human interpretation or data provided by firms

3 - Comparable -It had to be based on a standard criteria for all Brands.

3 - Based on Public data - It could not rely on previous knowledge, only on information that was public available

The Digital IQ is the result of a lot of research. We created a tool that looks at a website and, based only on its code, tools and metadata, grades Brands´ Digital IQ in six different dimensions.

The 6 Dimensions

Each dimension represents one aspect of Digital marketing Capability and each grade (from zero to five) measures the level of maturity in that dimension

Example of Digital IQ market analysis of the Portuguese Fashion e-commerce ecosystem

Example of Digital IQ market analysis of the Portuguese Fashion e-commerce ecosystem

Technical -  This dimension measures how well build and robust is the website. Based on Google Pagespeed, among other tools it grades:

1 - The company has a Website

2 - It has a desktop website and either/or a Mobile or Responsive website

3 - It´s websites are consistently fast

4 - Beyond being fast, they adhere to all best practices

5 - Companies have monitoring and full stack response solutions

Experience - this dimension evaluate how easy It is for a user to find relevant information within the website, such as information about product features. It is based on search fields within the website

1 - The Brand has a working website search solution

2 - The search has autocomplete, terms suggestion and related searches

3 - There are filters as well as different paths towards getting the information

4 - The search is based on semantic and syntactic interpretations to provide related results

5 - The Search understand the context of what's being searched and provide results based on it


Marketing Automation-  this dimension measures the availability and quality of the marketing automation solutions within the platform and its impact on the clients journey

1 - There is an automated e-mail blaster

2 - The automation has web tracking solutions to understand client behavior on the website

3 - The automation solution has progressive profiling solutions to allow for constant improvement of clients information

4 - the Solution allows for omnichannel engagement with customers based on segments and personas

 5 - The solution allows the firm to leverage all information available about customers to provide contextual offers.


Analytics - this dimension understand how well can Brands measure the impact of their marketing investments and customers behavior on their websites.

1 - The website has a  web analytics solution

2 - It has a Tag Manager

3 - It measures custom dimension and events

4 - The Brand can perform A/B/N tests and/or have a Heatmapping tool

5 - The Brand can leverage AI to understand points of Struggle within the platform


Advertising - This dimension understands Firms capabilities to distribute paid advertising across the web

1 -The Brand advertises on Search and display

2 - It Advertises on social Ads

3 - It uses aggregator, affiliates or programmatic

4 - It has a  centralized bit optimization solution and have no problems with attribution

5 - It uses a DMP with internal and external data


Content - This dimension uses several solutions to compare my content against my competition to understand the potential for organic traffic

1 - The content on the website is in line with the market

2 - The Content is focused on persona and not on the institution

3 - The content reflects different times in the purchase process

4 - The content has good authority

5 - The content is reference and is available through multiple sites

At the Digital IQ Blog we are going to share all our market analysis based in the Digital IQ methodology as well as articles on one or more dimensions. Our goal is to provide a path for companies to improve their Digital IQ, their marketing performance and, most importantly, their business results. 

Welcome to the Math side of the force. We have data!



If you want us to do an Digital IQ for your company, please send us a message digitaliq@mathmarketing.eu

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