Acoustic is a new brand in the martechs market that emerged after IBM sold its Watson Marketing division. The products were purchased by an investment fund (Centerbridge Partners) that created an Acoustic brand.
Acoustic’s differential is to be an exclusively martech and adtech company, with a unified platform that meets diverse needs of Marketing professionals using state-of-the-art technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), advanced analytical capabilities and vast possibilities for integration with other systems. The company is a leader in some Gartner quadrants and Forrester analytics.

Acoustic Campaign

It is the platform for automation of marketing campaigns based on behavioral data and designed to work with multiple channels (omnichannel) such as email, push notification, SMS, social networks and messaging e apps, besides offline channels as call centers.

  • Triggers based on behavior, logic or AI recommendations.

  • Unified management of multiple channels.

  • Leads management and scoring.

  • Anomaly detection by AI.

  • Performance reports.

  • Customization by behavior and testing (A/B/n).

Acoustic Campaign compares campaign metrics across dates and other campaigns Acoustic Campaign dynamic performance dashboards quickly deliver insights

Acoustic Experience Analytics (Tealeaf)

It is the behavioral analytics product that maps events across the customer journey to bring views and insights to improve the experience of customers and prospects.

  • Analyzes customer behavior to optimize web and mobile channels.

  • Uses AI to understand user abandonments and difficulty and helps quantify business impacts.

  • Reports that help understand “why” and “how” users take specific actions.

  • Replays of each user’s sessions, heat maps and anomaly detection.

  • Protects confidential data in compliance with regulations (GDPR e LGPD).

  • Allows multichannel journey analysis to maximize results.

  • Permits you to understand customer engagement at each stage of the journey.

Surface opportunities and issues with AI- powered anomaly detection

Acoustic Content

It is a content management system (CMS) that facilitates digital asset management (DAM) and the creation of websites with content integrated into several other channels.

  • Sets up a site map and manage content pages.

  • Approves content and publish it.

  • Hosts static assets in the incorporated CDN (Akamai).

  • Potentiates websites in the single-age application Integration with Shutterstock (over 200 million images, music and professional vídeos).

  • Allows you to use webhooks to connect and transfer data between apps.

Acoustic Personalization

A platform that allows you to deliver personalized content and product recommendations to each visitor in real-time. Runs A/B tests and measures custom success metrics.

  • Segmentation in real-time.

  • Offers of relevant content.

  • Product recommendations from AI.

  • Real-time decision based on session behavior and context.

  • Customizable goals and performance metrics.

  • A/B test to optimize content for each audience.

  • Proactive alerts when tests reach completion or meaning.

  • Integration with leading web analytics tools.

Acoustic Exchange

Acoustic Exchange: Connects the marketing ecosystem without IT help to share events and audience segments across multiple applications and channels (email, mobile, web, and more).

Acoustic & Math Marketing

Math is one of Acoustic's key partners with essential success stories and in-depth business knowledge.

Our multidisciplinary team can help your brand get the most out of the technical capabilities of the platform while supporting your team with marketing knowledge, trends and insights for real business improvements.

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