Adobe has one of the complete marketing tool ecosystems (martech e adtech) interconnected on Adobe Experience Cloud platform.
Adobe Experience Cloud integrates and simplifies the use of marketing technologies in one place to enable you to manage content, deliver email campaigns, automate, and purchase, and measure success. The company is a leader in several reports from analysts such as Gartner and Forrester.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe’s marketing platform encompasses products such as Experience Manager, Target, Campaign, and Marketo Engage to facilitate access and use of these various technologies in marketing actions.

Adobe Experience Manager

It combines digital asset management with a content management system.

  • Content management system allows customization and management of the digital experience across all channels.

  • Digital asset management makes it easy to find and adapt content using automation tools.

  • Registration and digital forms connect forms and communication processes to provide a unified journey.

Adobe Campaign

A single place to manage and automate emails, ads, and campaigns.

  • Email marketing with personalized and contextually relevant messages.

  • Customer journey helps identify interests, loyalty status, location to understand who customers are and how to keep them engaged.

  • Multichannel marketing allows you to create, manage, and deliver highly personalized multichannel experiences.

Adobe Target

Customization engine that enables you to test and optimizes using machine learning in mobile and web applications.

  • A/B e Multivariate testing everywhere where the customer connects with their brand.

  • Optimizers allow you to take full advantage of insights and optimize the real-time experience across all platforms.

  • Rules-based Personalization to increase customization across all different contact points.

Marketo Engage

Lead management and account-based marketing simplify planning, preparation, and evaluation of current or potential customer engagement.

Adobe Analytics Cloud

Combining Analytics and Audience Manager products, the platform allows you to connect data fragments with advanced machine learning and automation to help uncover insights.

Adobe Analytics

Web analytics and customer intelligence tool to discover new insights and define actions.

  • Web Analytics to turn large web data streams into insights.

  • Marketing Analytics combines channel data for customer journey vision.

  • Attribution creates views of assignments along the channels.

  • Predictive Analytics uses AI and machine learning to indicate behavior and results.

Adobe Audience Manager

A DMP to collect data and create complete customer profiles for action.

  • DMP integrates marketing with all data.

  • Segmentation allows you to combine data sources into audience segments.

  • Insights of data and external sources combined.

  • Real Time allows you to trigger insights and segments in real-time.

Adobe Advertising Cloud

It is the unified, independent advertising platform to consolidate and automate all media, screens, and data to create a continuous contact experience with customers and prospects.

  • Demand Platform (DSP) that provides multi-screen and cross-channel integrations for planning, purchasing, evaluation, and media optimization.

  • Ads for TV has inventory and data for decision automation of media purchases for TV.

  • Marketing management maximizes search, shopping, and retargeting campaigns.

Adobe Commerce Cloud

Deploys the capabilities and agility of Magento Commerce to deliver a complete e-commerce platform for B2B, B2C and Marketplaces.

Adobe & Math Marketing

Math is Adobe certified partner, and our multidisciplinary team can help your brand get the most out of the technical capabilities of the platform while supporting your team and insights for real business improvements.

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