A Oracle is one of the leading companies in the marketing technologies market (martech e adtech). Its Marketing Cloud platform focuses on Market-leading products that work together to activate campaigns, custom strategies, and omnichannel.
Oracle ‘s Marketing Cloud is a package of applications responsible for marketing automation, multi-channel, data management, real-time testing and customization, and advanced analytics.

Oracle Responsys (B2C)

It is an omnichannel automation and orchestration platform that allows you to create programs for consumer engagement through email, mobile, social media, and web channels.

  • Email Marketing with personalizes behavior at scale and no need for IT help.

  • Multivariable communication tests for specific audiences and multiple channels.

  • Orchestrating programs with behavioral data throughout the entire consumer journey.

  • Mobile marketing through push, in-app, and SMS for better engagement and retention.

  • Analytical reports to monitor the performance of actions.

  • Integration with e-commerce for recovery of an abandoned trolley and potentiate other conversion tools.

Oracle Eloqua (B2B)

A leading tool in lead management and campaign orchestration with a B2B business focus.

  • Consumer profiles to organize data and create target segments for exclusive campaigns.

  • Cross-channel orchestration for specific audiences.

  • Lead management and nutrition with CRM integration and scoring models.

  • Performance reports measuring the success of actions.

Oracle Bluekai

Enables data management (DMP) for personalizing online, offline, and mobile campaigns by combining information for more affluent audiences.

  • View campaigns and aggregate consumers across multiple devices.

  • Create a unified consumer vision to avoid overlaps and improve ROI.

  • Share audiences with integrated media channels.

Oracle Maxymiser

It is the real-time data testing and personalization platform that allows you to create variations of campaigns or content to optimize consumer impacts.

  • Customization from the natural import of data from any source to build target profiles.

  • Predictive Insights from behavior analysis, heatmaps, and event performance.

  • Simplified or advanced A/B testing across multiple pages throughout the journey.

  • Mobile experience optimization from previous tests to full experience visualization.

Oracle Infinity

Big Data analytics solution to collect, process, and deliver actionable and scaled-up consumer information.

Oracle & Math Marketing

Math is Oracle's certified partner, our multidisciplinary team can help your brand get the most out of the technical capabilities of the platform while supporting your team with marketing knowledge, trend, and insights for real business improvements.

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