O SAS Institute is an American Corporation with more than forty years in the market of analytics and marketing. The company began in a statistical analysis department at the University of North Carolina; hence data is part of the SAS DNA.
Its analytics platforms have continued to evolve from the first databases into the Market for Artificial Intelligence (AI) cloud, IoT and open software today. With a broad portfolio, we list here the critical SAS solutions.

Customer Intelligence Solutions

The platform leverages data, analytics, and insights from prospects and customers to create real-time engagement experiences.

  • Analytical Marketing enables sophisticated analytics to identify, track, serve and retain customers through any channels and maximize ROI.

  • Customer Journey Optimization helps you understand each customer’s moment to optimize interactions and increase engagement and success.

  • Real-Time Customer Experience facilitates omnichannel strategies to deliver experiences on any device.


  • SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Combine marketing decisions with insights to create differentiated experiences for each customer of the customer.

  • SAS 360 Engage:Lets you reach the right audience on any device through omnichannel capabilities.

  • SAS Intelligent Decisioning: Enables real-time analytics to enable and automate customer interactions at scale.

  • SAS Marketing Automation: Facilitates the process of automating and tracking marketing campaigns.

  • SAS Marketing Optimization: Understands how each business variable affects the relationship with client and prospects.

SAS& Math Marketing

Math is a crucial SAS partner with in-depth technical and business knowledge. In addition to the marketing tools, we are trained in other products of analytics, machine learning and tools for statisticians.

Our multidisciplinary team can help your brand get the most out of the technical capabilities of the platform while supporting your team with marketing knowledge, trends, and insights for real business improvements.

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